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$98,120.69 in 30 Days – E-commerce Brand;

How branding and backend increased margins while scaling)

Many people say that you should scale like mad but we found that adding a branding element and a good high converting backend before scaling to be quite crucial.Here are 3 steps to build a 7 figure eCommerce business while retaining good profit margins:

Step 1: Don’t be so emotional and romantic;

You need to be consistent with your ads and products to make sure that you can scale them, or you need to either kill the ad or find a new product.Never get emotional with the product, if you like something, it does not mean other people would like to buy that.If your store does not work and your products are not selling, test another product before you spend all of your money into something that won’t work.

Step 2: Find a big advantage with better branding and conversion rate;

Optimizing your store and improving your conversion rate is crucial.By constant optimization, you can more than doubled the conversion rate.It very important to optimize the product, cart, and checkout page but most stores are not optimized.

Step 3: Backend and private vendor;

Email and SMS are bringing in an extra 50-70% profit;Most people – including your competitors – are giving the backend enough importance.This is where you can massively increase your profitability.P.S. Don’t forget retargeting guys.

There are more than 7 types of re-targeting ads you can run.Most stores are running only 2-3 re-targeting ads.

How we lowered the CPM by 70% and tested without much risk within 30 days.

A low-cost effective method to test and scale.Most people say you need to have a huge winning ad or winning product and also they need to follow that with a huge budget.But the truth is, that most people don’t have a budget of $1000 – $3000 to spend every day.Here is how my team started small:

1. Testing

Creatives and targeting make the biggest difference.We test 5 variations to get lower:

  • • CPM;
  • • CPC;
  • • Cost per purchase;

We suggest running ads to countries in Europe as they lower costs than other countries yet has decent quality traffic.We run ads optimized for Instagram since the inventory is higher there and costs would reduce.This process takes 16 days;

2. Optimization

We optimize the ads every 3 days and we keep launching more variations.Our main aim here is to build a min of 5 stable campaigns.We also start different types of re targeting ads.Website visitors, page engages, add to carts.This process takes 14 days;

3. Scaling

After we build 5 stable campaigns we start scaling the best campaign.In this stage, we can go from $50 a day to $2100 a day and above.

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